Choosing My Direction

This is a post about deciding what path to take, how to specialise within the law.  (Although it's two steps away, still, apologies to R.E.M.) I decided to do an LLB rather than a GDL for two reasons.  One, I think the intellectual underpinning of an LLB (more time to absorb, to learn, to gain … Continue reading Choosing My Direction


High Profile Trials, Social Media, and the Jury

Edit to add: I'm not going to substantially edit this piece, because I don't want to change the record, but I'm going to bring the central question right to the top.  Juries are meant to be impartial, uninfluenced by outside sources.  What can and can't, legally, be published about active criminal proceedings is limited.  The … Continue reading High Profile Trials, Social Media, and the Jury