UK Legal Materials and Blogs

Materials are in alphabetical order. 

Administrative Law in the Common Law World

Brexit Time

Covert Policing Law Blog essays on surveillance law

The Defence Brief  “The musings, moans, groans, grumbles and occasional lucid thoughts of an English solicitor-advocate specialising in motoring law”

Doughty Street Chambers News

EU Law Analysis Expert Analysis into EU Law Developments

Free Movement Updates, commentary and advice on immigration and asylum law

Jack of Kent

Lawyer Watch Research and Commentary on the Legal Professions from Richard Moorhead

mmchgeorge99  ~ Criminal law and justice, legal aid and access to justice.

Nearly Legal Housing Law News and Content

Oxford Human Rights Hub

Paul Bernal’s Blog Privacy, Human Rights, Law, The Internet, Politics and more

Public Law for Everyone

Rights Info  Human Rights News, Views, and Info

The Secret Barrister

The Transparency Project Helping to make family law clearer

Transform Justice: a national charity working for a fair, humane, open and effective justice system

The UK Administrative Justice Institute

UK Constitutional Law Association

UK Criminal Law Blog: Explaining the Criminal Law

UK Human Rights Blog (One Crown Office Row)


UK Law Student Blogs

Including recent graduates

Law Degree Bee Student Paralegal and Beeyond

A Law Grad Says… The Legal Perspective of a Graduate

The Student’s Verdict



Legal Materials and Blogs (Outside the UK)


Other Blogs


Bill’s Blog All manner of things, with a heavy photographic focus.  Canadian.