Launching: Seeking Nomoi

So, here goes nothing…

Welcome to Seeking Nomoi!  As I say in my “about” page, I’m an Australian mature age law student in England.  My academic background (particularly classical Athenian law) informs the blog name: nomos (plural nomoi) means, among other things, law and custom, in ancient Greek.

I hope that this blog will be about my perspective on the law (mostly, but perhaps not exclusively, in this jurisdiction), and my experiences of and thoughts on legal education.  I do not yet have a focus or a plan as to what kind of law I would like to practice (I am keeping an open mind), and so the type of law I discuss could be anything I find interesting.  I might have a preference, at least initially, for criminal law, because I have studied criminology and thus I feel I’m on more solid ground than with other areas of law.  My perspective on legal education may also be prominent while I figure out how confident I am publicly publishing my thoughts on a discipline I’m still coming to grips with.  I also suspect that the blog will have an Australian slant (perhaps despite my best efforts).

I would like this blog to be accessible and interesting for people without legal training, and perhaps (in time) to contribute to wider discussions within the legal blogosphere.  I suspect my writing will eventually become more specialised, along with my training and knowledge.

Some things currently in train, or at least on a list of things I’d like to write about soon:

  • Things I wish I’d known when I started my law degree
  • Textbook reviews
  • Juries in high profile criminal cases, and if there’s a case for judge-only trials

Finally, I must risk stating the obvious.  I am (at this time) a law student.  I am not a lawyer.  Nothing I say on this blog will ever constitute legal advice, not even when I am qualified to give legal advice.  The law is also fast moving, and so the information I provide may date quickly.  I am also very much aware of how little I know, as yet, about the law.

Please do comment.  I’m open to advice or suggestions, and will gladly take constructive criticism.   (Please note that the comments will only appear once I have manually approved them)


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